Who We Are

Tess is the founder of It Takes Two. Her experience as an educator has included: teaching Latin and English, working as an Exceptional Student Services Assistant and 504 Coordinator, and conducting private academic tutoring and executive function coaching. No matter the setting, her priority is to develop a positive, meaningful relationship with her students as they progress through their academic journey.

Tess’s passion for working with those with ADHD developed when she was a 504 Coordinator in charge of creating plans to ensure curriculum accessibility. She believes all students with ADHD should have breaking down assignments into manageable parts as an accommodation on their 504 or IEP until they have demonstrated independence in completing larger assignments. However, even with this accommodation, students with ADHD struggle with getting started due to weak task initiation. Lacking task initiation skills, these teens’ overdue assignments pile up, leading to feelings of shame, anxiety, or anger towards themselves. As an Executive Function coach, Tess began to include body doubling into her sessions and saw her clients both start and finish their assignments, even those that they dreaded most.

Now she wants to provide that same success to your student through body doubling + skill building. In addition to task initiation, she will provide your student the tools to increase sustained attention and emotional control.

Tess has completed PESI’s ADHD Professional Intensive Training Course: Evidence-Based Strategies for Managing ADHD Across the Lifespan. This intensive course includes:

  • Changing the ADHD Brain – Moving Beyond Medication
  • Advances in the Management of ADHD: Evidence-Based Medications and Psychosocial Treatments
  • Executive Function, ADHD and Stress in the Classroom
  • ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders – Over 50 Behavior-Changing Techniques for Children and Adolescents
  • The Two Attention Disorders: Identifying, Diagnosing, and Managing ADHD vs. SCT
  • Smart but Scattered Adults – Manage ADHD by Targeting Executive Skills

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